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Samuel Rivera's Top Ten (last revision: 06/07/09)

The Greatest Game of All Time
Picture taken from a Phoenix album

1A.Final Fantasy VII (1997 Squaresoft-PS1)- It was tough to pick between this and all the other masterpieces on the list but FFVII makes it to the top with its still (even today) brilliant storyline, amazing music, and perhaps the best gameplay of the series. FFVII set the bar by which all RPGs today are judged. This is perhaps the most influential console Traditional RPG ever, and the reason why the genre boomed in the PS1 generation. Anyone who knows about RPGs will tell you this game is a masterpiece whether they agree or disagree about it being the best ever.
1B.The  Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998 Nintendo-N64)- If FFVII is the perfect example of Storytelling greatness, then Ocarina is the undisputed king of great gameplay, mood and graphics. This is without a doubt the reason to own an N64. I will always remember the first time the sunrised as I walked through the fields of Hyrule, it was the moment where I completely forgot I was a human being living on planet earth and actually thought myself to be a young elfin warrior living in a magical world. To tell you that I still play this game today with almost the same enthusiasm as I did 5 years ago is enough testament to it's greatness. In 1998 no game came close to matching its graphical excellence and today no game comes close to matching its gameplay brilliance. The only reason it's tied with FFVII, is that I am a story driven gamer, and while Ocarina's narrative was very good for an Action RPG it fell short when compared to storyline beasts such as FFVII, VI, IX, Xenogears and others.
3. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006 Nintendo-GC/Wii)- The rightful successor of Ocarina of Time need I say more? Twilight pushes the GC to its limit, by bringing us the most realistic (and gigantic) incarnation of Hyrule yet. The gamecube goes out with a bang, and with perhaps the greatest Zelda ever!
4.Chrono Trigger (1995 Squaresoft-SNES)- The game is a true masterpiece, it does nothing wrong. This is the kind of game that one can call Flawless. From its wonderful music to its innovative Gameplay. Chrono Trigger had been unfortunate to have lived under the shadow of FFVI for far too long. Well not anymore in the eyes of this journalist, Chrono Trigger deserves to be among the elite class that FFVII, Ocarina of Time and FFVI are in. This time traveling epic will still be enjoyable 100 years from now!
5. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (1992 Sega CD, 1997 Saturn, 1999 PS1, Working Designs)-The First Lunar is also the finest, a ground breaking title in its time both in gameplay, presentation and Storytelling. The Dialog in this epic RPG gets funnier the older it gets, its truly one of those rare titles that get better as they age.This is truly the series that inspired the 32 bit era RPGs to go the cinematic route, too bad the Sega CD performed poorly in sales, if Lunar would have been released on the SNES, today we could have been talking Lunar XII rather than FFXII. 
6.Lunar 2:Eternal Blue Complete ( Working Designs1995 Sega CD, Saturn, 2000 PS1)-  Lunar 2 is one of the funniest, most dramatic RPGs ever, this series redefined Role playing gaming. Plus the game has mini sequel built into it called the Epilogue, this is a must play experience. The PSI version is the most amazingly packaged game of all time, complete with a soundtrack and a "making of the game" CD if you can find it buy it!!
7.Final Fantasy VI (1994 Squaresoft-SNES)- There is an endless debate as to which game is better FFVII or FFVI. In the end it's all a matter of opinion, I will admit I played the game (FFVI) quite late, when it was re-released in the Final Fantasy Anthology package. The entire game is solid you will be hard pressed to find a better looking SNES game than this, not only that the gameplay, story and music are vastly superior to that of most games today this is startling considering the game is a whooping 9 years old. The Story remarkably holds up very well today. If you find it buy it whether it is on its original cartridge form or on the Anthology Package for PS1. I still get the chills when I see the opening scene with the Magitek Soldiers going towards Narshe.
8. Alundra (1997 Working Designs-PS1)- I have never seen a more under appreciated title than this one. This can partly be blamed on the limited amount of copies released  by Working Designs. Thanks to that out side of Ebay the game is very,very difficult to find. The game feautured officially the best plot ever for an action RPG, even when matched up against today's champ Wind Waker. Alundra's excellence in storytelling is light years ahead of the Zelda series, and it's brilliance even manages to out perform many of the stories in traditional RPGs today. Gameplay wise the game is only second to Ocarina of Time. In concept it actually out performs Ocarina, the puzzles are incredibly tough, making it far more difficult to beat than the Zelda games, this is probably one of the reasons there is not to much appeal to it. But the fact of the matter is that the Puzzles are tough without being cheap. If you are smart and have common sense you should do well. The graphics are 2-D but they look fantastic, the over world is huge and the music rises to the ocassion with some excellent tracks. Alundra will forever remain in the darkness thanks to Contrail and Matrix for releasing the 'crapulent' Alundra 2. However even with the less than stellar sequel, Alundra is a classic and it's greatness is not to be understimated. Pay 100 dollars at Ebay if you must!
9.Xenogears (1998 Squaresoft-PS1)-The most ambitious plot ever period. There so much stuff going on Xenogears's plot that playing Xenogears feels like watching an entire saga of an anime series. The game is so long that in the end that is what keeps it from climbing higher on this list. I have no problem with the game being long, the problem is that it seems the developers were short on their budget (which could explain why they left to Namco for Xenosaga.) so Xenogears second disc feels incredibly rushed. The translation is another aspect that could have been done better. The music and graphic style are unmatched though. The character development might have taken a hit because the bad translation, but the main plot didn't. Mark my words Sci-Fi doesn't get better than this. Xenogears goes where no other RPGs have gone before bringing up questions about religion, racism and even your own existence how can you not like this?
10. Final Fantasy IX (2000 Squaresoft-PS1)-If you ever wanted to experience a modern FF, that followed the old school style of FFI-FFV but with a more mature plot then FFIX is your game. This game has it all, the gorgeous music, the magnificent graphics, the engrossing storyline, the great gameplay and most importantly the old school charm and magic. The settings in FFIX are something to behold from the majestic Alexandrian castle to the small village of Dali every setting and enviroment on the game is wonderfully designed. You won't find a better looking RPG on the PS1.  
(Commonly asked Questions:
Why have some of the games on the list not been reviewed in the Reviews section, have you even played them? Yes I have played them all, I would never rank a game that I hadn't played and finish, I don't have a review for some of them cause the site was made in 2003 and I had played some of those games way before that so it wouldn't have been fair to make review of a game I had finished more than 3 months prior to reviewing it. All the games that are on the list that haven't been reviewed will be reviewed when I get around to play them again, in order to have a more accurate and fair review.
Is it possible that after playing some of those games again you will change your mind about their ranking? YES, For example, I want to play FFVI again because I have to evalute whether it belongs ahead of Trigger or further down the list behind Lunar 2.

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