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Soul Calibur 2 Review by Antix
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Soul Calibur had been a great weapon-based fighter for the dreamcast and arcades everywhere. My friends still play it... all of the combos, stunning graphics, great story, and something to work for (secret characters and alternate costumes). The sequel is just as capturing, and that much better.

I would never have thought that a fighter could be so playable; it feels like you have a lot of control over the characters movements. It almost seemed like I was playing an RPG, but in order to pull off a move I had to press a certain combination of buttons on my controller within a certain amount of time (well duh, thats a fighter). The AI of the characters you fight (during arcade mode or survival or weapon master) was unbelievable; it gave the effect that you were either lucky or not, and still had room for you to improve you skills by getting faster or smarter. I was basically the same thing over and over again, but it doesnt seem like it at all (okay maybe a little). Ive beaten it, maybe 10 times now, all the extra levels, the extra arcade, arcade, and survival... and I still have things to unlock. As for the RPG feeling I got, that was because in weapon master mode you leveled up as you fought and gained experience and also as you got gold you could buy things such as theater, galleries and even different weapons. Let me get into detail...

It had familiar qualities and unfamiliar qualities. The fact that the star character was link (on Gamecube...Spawn on Xbox and Heihachi for Playstation 2) was enough for me to get it by itself, but also the fact that the characters from the original are also in the sequel (some you have to unlock, but its worth it) Heres a list of the characters names and there primary weapon mastery:


  • Seung Mina Kourai (staff with a blade on the end)
  • Cervantes Soul Edge & Nirvana (odd sword and smaller sword with a built-in pistil)
  • Link Master Sword and Hylian Shield
  • Kilik Kali-Yuga (staff)
  • Necrid Maleficus (plasma kind-of thing)
  • Yoshimitsu Youtouyoshimitsu (ninja sword)
  • Mitsurugi Shishiou (ninja sword)
  • Sophitia Omega Sword & Elk Shield
  • Cassandra Omega Sword & Nemea Shield
  • Taki Rekkimaru & Mekkimaru (daggers)
  • Astaroth Kurutues (axe)
  • Raphael Flambert (fencing sword)
  • Berserker (Axe)
  • Assassin (Sword)
  • Lizard man (Sword & Shield)
  • Maxi Soryuujuu (nun chucks)
  • Charade (Random Weapons)
  • Nightmare Soul Edge (odd sword)
  • Ivy Valentine (sword-whip)
  • Talim - Syi Salika & Loka Luha
  • Xianghua No Name (sword)
  • Voldo Mannas & Ayus (claw-like things)
  • Yunsung Byakuro (sword)

(if your thoughts differ please e-mail me)

Some characters dont have special weapons, but the rest have a total of 11 weapons ending with a joke weapon (galley oars, bug nets, brooms, etcetera). The detail is great! Now to get to that

The graphics Soul Calibur 2 are proof of what the Gamecube can handle, If youve seen the Final Fantasy movie (spirits within) then you will be surprised at this game; The almost look just as good. The arenas, the maps, the weapons, the characters play the game and youll understand how phenomenal the quality is.

Now for the music, the music is great; it fits the levels of the game, it fits the characters, it fits everything. I will be buying the limited edition strategy guide so I can get the sound track (thats the only way I know how to get it at the moment). So to all of you who like videogame music GET THE SOUND TRACK!

The story, yes it had a story; a very addictive, very detailed story. Its hard to explain, but ill try. The soul Edge was destroyed but its back and a bunch of people want it (including you) because its the most powerful weapon in the universe. You end up trying to protect it and have to fight this guy who found a way to get it he turns into this burning skeleton that has some killer moves of his own but basically has three random styles when you fight him. You kill him, blah blah blah, and you get the sword its much more detailed than that of course, but like I said its too hard to explain.

This has to be the best fighter yet, theres no telling what might be up as competition... Go on Namco! Make another great game!!

Gameplay: 10

Graphics: 9.5

Music: 9.0

Story: 8.0

Addictiveness: 9.0

Overall: 9.0

2003 RicanSaiyan. All works here are copyrighted by their owners.