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World of Dragon Warrior: Torneko: The Last Hope Review By Antix
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By Antix,

Time for the back of the case:

"The world of Dragon Warrior returns! Torneko (the tubby merchant from Dragon Warrior IV) takes the best-selling series in new directions as he tries to save his village from the curses of a mysterious treasure.

    • Classic dungeon action.
    • Elegant and addictive combat engine.
    • Over 130 monsters to fight- all from the world of Dragon Warrior.
    • Nearly 150 unique items to find, collect and manufacture.
    • Character design be the world famous Akira Toriyama."

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That has to be the funniest thing I've ever read, Because it isn't true in any way, shape, or form. Lets go over it all...

"Classic dungeon action"... Yeah its classic all right, but it repeats itself way too much. You would think that if they were going to call it classic that it would be good. The dungeons lack detail, and basically all levels are the same except for monsters (which I will get to at a later point). Graphic quality is bad, even for an old game like this, made only three years ago! The dungeons have no action whatsoever, its walk around in a circle, and then go downstairs or upstairs, whichever the level requires you to do.

"Elegant and addictive combat engine" HA! ive seen a better combat engine on The legend of Zelda for NES. First, i must state that this only disguises itself as an RPG. It has a layout of an RPG, but it is truly an arcade game, let me explain... you level up like in an RPG, but you lose all your hard work when you beat the level. You get weapons and items like in an RPG, but you lose them all when you beat the level. This is not an RPG! As for the "addictive" part, i quit playing after the third dungeon. The game is too stupid, hardly any structure at all.

"Over 130 monsters to fight- all from the world of Dragon Warrior" okay that might be true, but there are some monsters that are impossible to kill unless you got to keep your levels and armor and weapons from previous levels. There is a monster that will duplicate itself every time you hit it, i you try to run it follows you and you end up meeting more, then you have to fight something else and it catches up with you, basically killing you without struggle. You can put it to sleep, but it wakes up and sees you after a couple moves.

"Nearly 150 unique items to find, collect and manufacture" well I don't know about manufacturing (guess i stopped playing before the introduced it), but as for getting items yes there are a lot of items to get. When it comes to collecting items, i don't think so... if it doesn't let you keep the items from the previous levels then how can you collect them?

"Character design be the world famous Akira Toriyama" i feel sorry for Akira for having to work on such a bad game. But then again, the characters were kind of lame too. I don't know who to be sorry for...

As for the music, it was pretty much repetitive. It wasn't anything special at all, and really not worth listening too. I found it quite annoying.

Story? What story? this game was very jumpy, the only thing that showed promise was an old man talking about a treasure... that's that, this game was probably put together in about 30 minutes, MAYBE a day, but its not good, or time worthy.

I highly recommend not getting this game. I mean i cant stop you from doing whatever you want, but this is a bad show of Enixs capabilities... you can do better, much better. i mean even the disk art is blue and white not eye catching at all.


Gameplay: 2.0

Graphics: 1.5

Music: 1.0

Story: 1.5

Addictiveness: 0.0

Overall: 1.5 (BAD GAME!)



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