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Avernum I Review by Mont Cessna Jr.
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Avernum I (Macintosh, PC)
Avernum I, the 3D remake of the classic RPG series Exile, is feaking awesome. It haunts me. I have spend more time in my life playing either: Exile: Escape from the Pit, Exile II: Crystal Souls, Exile III: Ruined World, Exile: Blades of Exile, Avernum I, Avernum II, Avernum III, than I have spent sleeping. The games are awesome, drawing from the Ultima series for ideas and weaving a incredibly complex story line together with hundreds of other sub-plots. It isn't a console game, but this RPG is just too good to pass up. Download the demo for free off of and if you like it, buy it or find the codes to unlock it for free on the web.
You have been cast into Avernum, the underworld of the surface, through a one-way teleporter because:
a) you didn't it in to society
b) you offended someone important
b) you stole something that wasn't worth much
c) you are a rebel
There is no appeal to the court's decision. Avernum is miles under the ground, hundreds of miles of caves that are connected and infested with: Dragons, Demons, Goblins, Nephilim (cat men with bows), Slithzerekia (6 foot tall lizard men who can swim for 20 minutes under the water without surfacing for air, incredible strong, like the taste of human flesh, worship evil demons, are incredibly powerful in magic, and just don't get along with anyone else) and tons of other creatures. Cast spells, use weapons, explore underground for days without going to the same place twice. It tooks me almost 4 months of steady playing to beat this game. It takes months just to get strong enough to beat one (1) dragon.
The one downside to the game? It doesn't have any background music. If it did, like in the Exile game it was updated from, it would haunt me forever. Of course, it's on the computer, so you can play anything you want in the background. I have to admit, I took the old sound track and play it in the background, I am insane because of it.
Dragons in the game are what they should be, wise, powerful creatures that don't like you messing with their stuff. Kind of like in the book, The Hobbit.
I give Avernum I:
Sound: 8
Graphics: 7.5
Plot: 10
Game Play: 8
Overall: 9

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