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Morrowind, Lord of the Rings 2 (XBOX), Everquest, Battlefield 1942 (PC) Reviews by Seraphim
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Ever Quest *Computer* -MMPORPG(Massive Multi Player Online Role Playing Game)-This
game goes way back
to around 1990's you get all kinds of races and classes to choose, The games Graphics
arn't that great but still seems to be fantastic game play, It still holds the #1
for all MMPORPG's DAoC closely behind. Anyway, you wonder around the world meeting
new people
making friends, hunting together. You'll find all kinds of Items/Armor and Weapon
drops from Mobs
(Monsters). I suggest you try the free month for the game: (Rating: 7 out of 10)
Yes it's monthly as well

Counter Strike *Computer* - This Counter-Terrorist Vs. Terrorist game is known all
through at the world
You get irl Pistols,Riffles,Snipers etc. Flash Bangs,Gernades,Smoke Gernade, Its
a really fun game to play.
It's also free so if you are into Strategy games, I *HIGHLY* suggest you get this
game. When you enter the game
there is a # of maps (some you will have to dl) Terrorist objective is to usually
place the bomb on  the bomb site
or make sure that the Counter-Terrorists Don't rescue the hostages. The Counter-Terrorists
objective is to Defuse the bomb
if placed, or rescue the hostages, Maps are really fun, The people I meet that play
this game are incredible at it.
(Rating: 10 out of 10)

Battlefield 1942 *Computer* I've just been starting to get into this game..but so
far it seems very interesting..Once you get onto a Map (Depending on which map)
You Choose between..Japan or Germany for Axis, and America,Brit. and Russia for
the Allies..After that..Its just one big round unlike counter-strike which is a
number of rounds..You have the option of being a
Rifel Man-Which Carrie..Automatic,Gernades,Hand Gun and a Knife
Anti-Tank-Which Carrie..Bazooka,Gernades,Handgun and a Knife
Scout-Which Carrie...Sniper Rifel,Handgun,Binoculars,Gernades and a Handgun
Medic-Which Carrie..Automatic,Handgun,Gernades,Medpak and a knife
Engineer-(My Favorite) Which Carrie..M1a1 Rifel, Handgun,Land Mines, EXP Pack (C4,
With Demoliton Charge stick), and a Wrench that is used to repair Vehicles..
Between that there is also an Assorted line of Vehicles
Tanks,Jeeps,Transport Trucks,Battleships,Submarines,Carriers,Fighter Planes,Bombers,
Heavy Bombers(B17) that you can choose between to get across the map
This game i seriouslly am enjoying i suggest you try it out
(Rating:10 out of 10)


Lord of the Rings2 *Xbox* - I played this game, It was a bit too easy I beat it
in less then 9mins, but it was fun you could play as
Legolas,Aragorn or Gimli, (Isilador is and unlockable character) The game starts
off with the First Lord of the Rings, then goes into
the 2nd one, Ending with Helms deep. You get upgrades every level you get, new weapons/healt
increase and new styles. Last level you are at
Saromouns Little keep thing, And you go level by level to the top killing all the
orcs. Then he runs away like a pansy in the end.
Over all the game is fun, I suggest if you buy this don't start with easy, It is
wayyy to  easy for me. (Rating: 8 out of 10)

Morrowind3 *Xbox* - I played this game for a few days then returned it. Seeing how
it was suppose to be the best RPG for Xbox (I don't know if there is any other
RPG's for Xbox, No wonder why it got #1spot Rofl) It was ok, but the fighting was
stupid. Whenever you try to kill the town people, you get fined or thrown
into jail, but if you hack, you can get some nice armor and shit. You can do missions
to get money, or you can just screw around like I did
slashing people into tiny pieces. I have nothing good to say about this game (Rating:
5 out of 10)

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