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Halo 2 Preview By Seraphim
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Halo 2(Xbox) Developer: Bungie-Master Chief is back! and I couldn't believe it myself, tuffer than ever. So far what I have heard from this game that has been set back so much. Its release date is set for sometime in August, All the new features that have been added to the game i'm not fully sure of...But Believe me! They are freaking awesome..Let me start with some..Ok...
1.Machine Gun Turrets!!!! Yes..its like being on the back of your oh so loved Warthog..But not Driving around In Circles so its freaking impossible to hit anything, The Turrets are Mounted inside bunkers from what i have seen at E3
2.Flame Thrower Turrets!..The Flamethrower was suppose to come out in Halo but due to too many bug issues they (Bungie) kept it out (Someone told me it can be found on Attack on the Control Room, but so far..i've searched almost everywhere and found nothing but a secret to get down a Banshee, if you'd like to know how this is done..feel free to Email me at my public email
3.Xbox Live...Yes Halo2 has Xbox live..and from what I Saw at E3..No There is no Horrible lag like in the Online version which Made me..Eh..Upset
4.New Vehicles! Im Not sure what yet, Bungie did not want to reveal new vehicles, but they did say that you are able to fly the Pelican in the new halo
5.Beautiful Graphics...Yes like most games..if you haven't seen any screen shots for halo2 yet..The Graphics are beyond amazing, as well as the detail in master chief I was very inpresssed.
6.Duel Wielding Guns..Ever get bored of having to switch? Now you don't!!! You have the Chance to hold a Needler in one hand and your Semi-Automatic in the other (no its not like the assault rifel thankfully)
Anyway Continuing on with information of the game, The game like Halo is going to be a 1-4 Player unless you use your cable modem to hook up the xbox's then it can be up to 16, Last but not least..I think I Heard something about a New Race along with Marines AI Being boosted up. As well there will be 3 or 4 differnt types of marines for each terrain, Forest/Militia etc. Basically what goes along with the terrain. As well as the different Marines also Differnt Warthog styles. Anyway that is all i have for you guys now..If you have any questions reffering to halo 2 please email me

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