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Full Spectrum Warrior (XBOX) By Seraphim
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Full Spectrum Warrior(Xbox) Developer: THQ- Not really much to say about this game, since I really just heard about it. But from e3 i have heard, Its your basic Ghost Recon Alpha/Bravo team.
Each action you make will affect your team in the line of fire so be strategic when playing this game, I doubt you'll go very far if you just run out and shoot and everything that moves. Its a beautiful looking game, and I think game play will be much better than Medal of Honor or most War games, its taking Strategic movement to the next level,so think before you move.
Some things I personally thought was cool about this game were:
1.Its Kinda just Like the real Army Never Leave a Man Behind Soldier!...If your teammate gets hit..a member of bravo/alpha team have the ability to carry that team member, Im not sure if there are classes medic/assualt most likely yes...there are.
2.Weapon Selection is Interesting..Like most war games...Basic weapons..m40's m16's m31a's colt 45's just stuff like that..Alot more to the weapons though..dont let my brief description disturb that
3.My most favorite part was the Xbox Live 2player co-op..Im Sick of inviting my friend over to play xbox and have him eat all my we can just play over Xbox Live!!!!!...2Player Co-Op Mode is Available in the game.

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