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Red Dead Revolver Review by Seraphim
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Red Dead Revolver(Xbox) Developer: Rockstar-Alrighty Regular Nintendo Fans..if you loved Gunsmoke as much as I did. Your are going to love this game even more! This is a 1-4 Player Shoot em Up Western Cowboy game..Your job in this game is to clean up the west as a cowboy hero. Stages were kinda short and could have been made longer but there is alot of stuff you can unlock by replaying the stage over and over again which was fun..doesn't make it repetitive. Only thing about the graphics I didn't like where the character models, they could have been worked on a little bit better but the detail of the enviroment was nice. Isn't my favorite game really but it is up there, It's already out though..and I have my if you like western shoot em up should be interested in this one.
Gameplay 7.0
Graphics 8.5
Music 6.0
Adictivness 5.0
Overall Rating-7.0

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