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Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) Review by Seraphim
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Ninja Gaiden(Xbox)-Team Ninja-

Ninja Gaiden has a very interesting story to in, the sacred sword that your village has been protecting including your father has been stolen by a Dark Lard named Doku who also sleighs your father. You are a young Ninja that goes by the name of Ryu, with the guidence of your friend Ayane you will make your way past the Military and Fiends Upon the game to get back the sword that has been stolen. Ok basics of the game, it was frustrating with all the stuff you can do in it, Combo's once you get use to your favorite Weapons Which Are-

-Wooden Sword (Is bought at merchant and aCan be upgraded an ammount of Times, I Forget what the name of the Last Upgrade is but the sword is well worth to buy/upgrade)
-Dragon Sword-Your Most Dearest sword, The Tooth of a Dragon forged into a sword and known to be the only sword that is eligable of killing the one who possesses the Dragon Blade
-Nunchuck-You get this on the seconed board in I believe, its weak but fast. It wont allow the enemy your currentlly working on to make an attack..just be sure to watch out for the other ones
-Vigorian Flail-A Type of nunchuck but with two curved blades on the end, One of my favorites..quick and strong but lacks styles
-War Hammer-Rachell's Weapon (Ill Tell you more about her) Its a very powerful weapon that can crush your enemies before you eyes, as well as knock down holes in wall's that have cracks
-Dabilharo- A Sword that has a bad ass Atitude, this sword weighs over 100 Pound But is nothing to mess with this will tear you a part with a simple thrust
-Kitetsu-A Dark Sword that was used by Doku, it has many styles but it drains your life until you get a certian item ;)
-Unlabored Flawlessness- Yes! its the wooden sword? Wait no that cant kicks so much ass...after upgrading the wooden sword all the way..this turns into one powerful sword
-Armlet of Benediction- Yellow Essence Increases More Rapidly-Collect 15 Scarabs-
-Armlet of Fortune- Recharges Ryu's ki meter -Collect 40 Scarabs
-Armlet of Tranquility- Gives Ryu the ability to cure himself Without using potions
-Armlet of Sun- Increases Str.
-Armlet of Moon- Incresses Def.
-Items you'll come across in game-
1.Yellow Essence=Money
2.Blue Essence=Health
3.Red Essence=Ki Power
4.Life of God=Ryu's life bar will increase when you get 9 of these
5.Spirit of Devils=Increases Ryu's ammount of Ki He can use
6.Jewel of Diamond Seal=Use this on a certian Ki Power/Ninjitsu and it will upgrade
7.Golden Scarab=Collect these and give it to The Store Merchant
8.Technique Scroll=Will Incress Ryu's fighting skills

-Bow-You pick this up on the 2nd level (You'll need it for the horsemen unless you use Hummingbird/Helmut Cutter Attacks)..Its a weapon that is used for Long Range Combat
-Strong Bow-You get this before the Military Base..More of and upgraded bow (Have to trade old bow for it)
Shuriken-You start off with it, They are Throwing stars, after about the 3rd level they wont do much for you
Incredible Shuriken-Its a Throwing Dart with an Explosive tip, Sticks to target and then exploads
Windmill-Its Like a Shuriken but its 4 it acts like a boomerang about 2 throws you'll cut someones head off
Exploading Arrows-Arrows that are used by strongbow and expload on impact

The game play was fairly hard, I didn't have too much trouble on it except for some of the bosse's Like Rachel's sister was tuff, Along the game you'll get the neat items that i have listed also to get the(SwordName) Sword collect 20 scarabs and give it to the merchant...The game took me about three days to beat, one of the hardest bosses you'll have to face was like i said before probablly Rachel's sister, If you are stuck on her and need help defeating her email me at Feel free to ask any other questions as well..Now back to the game, How it starts is you're in the middle of this sort of mountainous terrain, and you have been giving certian objectives to do to get to the Ninja Village, like wall runs etc.  After you defeat the boss in that village, he turns out to be a friend of yours and then Ayane comes in saying the village is on fire and thats how the whole story starts up. The Bosse's From level to level in the game are I'll also include some of the friendly characters you'll meet-

1.Murai (Friendly Until end of game)
3.Machine Head
5.Dark Disciple
9.Skeletol Dragon
11.Communication Tower
12.Worm/Parts 1 and 2
13.Dragon Fiend
14.Abominable Snow Fiend
15.Fire Dragon
16.Spectral Doku
17.Arch Fiend 1+2
18.Ultimate Alma Rachel+Alma Combined
19.Dark Emperor
20.Ryu Hayabusa (Main Character)
24.Muramasa(Store Owner

Each one you normally have to find a new tech. but I liked sticking with Helmut Cutter and Flying Swallow's normally works good Hit and Run style. Ryu along the upgrades you give him will get more styles to use to crush your enemies. You'll find that each boss has their own special attacks, Such as Static Guns,Swining tenticles etc. I had a really fun time with this game, was mind challenging sort of Splinter Cell meets Prince of Persia kind of thing I hope if you buy it that you'll have fun ^_^!

Graphics-10.0(The Floors even shine!)

2003-2004 RicanSaiyan. All works here are copyrighted by their authors.