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Legend of Zelda (Gamecube) a preview from the most recent trailer by Samuel Rivera
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In my Ocarina of Time review I stated that Nintendo could not possibly repeat the feat, that it did with Ocarina ever again, yet after reading a few articles on the newest Legend of Zelda for gamecube the one that is supposed to be released sometime next year (2005), I became interested in it. Maybe because the screen shots showed some potential or maybe because at E3 spectators who watched the trailer actually cried in joy at what they were marveling.

Of course even after reading and seeing screen shots I did not believe this game would unseat Ocarina as the ruler of the video gaming universe, but today after watching the trailer in motion, I can say that I am now a believer… and if this new Legend of Zelda does not equal or surpass Ocarina of Time… then no other game will ever do it.

As I watched the images of Hyrule’s larger than life rolling plains, incredibly huge magical forests, and Links amazingly fluid combat movements in motion, my eyes became a watery mess, my heartbeat gained speed and in a few seconds the clock turned back in time and I was a 12 year old boy again. Nothing that I have ever experienced has matched that moment, except the first time that I saw some Ocarina of Time screen shots when I was…well a 12 year old boy. I remember then thinking in this game I will be able to go anywhere explore the rivers, the caves, the castles in short live in a fantasy world, and that is exactly the same reaction I had while watching the trailer for this newer game. Really I have never seen anything so big and so full of possibilities in my life.

The best way to describe this new Zelda so far is; that it is the Ocarina of Time of this generation, in fact so good and huge did everything in this game looked, that I have my doubts this will be a Gamecube game and wouldn’t be surprised if it is released in Nintendo’s next console instead of in the Gamecube.

The environments are smooth, full of life and vegetation, and like I stated before huge …Lord of the Rings huge but with a magical touch added to them, one only has to witness the forest’s beauty to drool in anticipation. Links model was incredible too, full of details, he makes soul calibur’s Link look plain and lifeless (yes he looks that good.). The enemies have also been beefed up incredibly and there was a glimpse of a boss Balrog like creature no doubt inspired by the balrog in the fellowship of the ring. Sword fighting while riding Epona is now possible, and enemies themselves now ride pig like creatures, and they attack in droves, Link will no doubt have his hands full in this one.

So far this game looks as spectacular as ocarina’s screen trailers looked back in 1996-1997, and that is something no other game has ever been able to accomplish, if it’s stays on track this will be the game to end all games…now here is hoping for a more mature Plot to accompany this impressive looking game. But for now the once slipping Nintendo has made a kid out of me again and that is worth something…I am a BELIEVER!

2003-2004 RicanSaiyan. All works here are copyrighted by their authors.