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About the Rican Man:

Height: 5'11''
Weight: 155 lbs.
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
Now Lives in: USA
Nick Name: The Rican Man, Rtwist
AIM screename: RicanZian
Favorite Movies:
Star Wars Episode 1,2,3
House of Flying Daggers
Mortal Kombat Movies
Kiss of the Dragon
Anything with Jackie Chan on it
Xmen movies
The Lord of the Rings (trilogy)
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
The Musketeer
Power Rangers The Movie ( Go ahead laugh, but the moive had some cool moves in it)
Best of the Best
Only The Strong
Johnny English
Pirates of the Carribean
Iron Monkey
Once upon a time in china
Favorite Music artists:
Yaviah- Reggaetons newest genius
Belinda-"Man this girl is cute!"
MDO-Hispanic Boy band ("The greatest boy band of all time")
Luis Fonsi-pop singer
Christian Castro- "This man is the male vocalist of male vocalists a true master"
Evanescence- Rock band
Avril Lavigne-Punk singer
Tego Calderon- The best liricist and rhyme rapper/reggaeton singer in the world period.
Don Omar-Reggaeton singer
Zion y Lennox-Reggeaton singer Duo "they have revolutionized Reggaeton".
Daddy Yankee-reggaeton singer
Backstreet boyz- American boy band
Nsync- American boy band.
Kabah- Latin band
Juanes-Latin Rock band
Wibal y Alex-The one guy sounds like Zion.
Favorite Stuff:
Drink: Milk Baby after all the crazy stunts and stuff I have done throughout my life I have never broken any bone, unless you count my nose, but when you box and fight at the elite TKD level I was, broken noses are to be expected in sparring pratices. Also two cheerleading Accidents lol. Orange Juice is also good.
TV show: Of all time it would be La Clase 406, I even have the soundtracks!
Athlete: Five time world champion in boxing El orgullo the Cupey Alto Puerto Rico... Felix "tito" Trinindad. He is my hero, also WBO Jr Welter Weight champ, El hijo favorito the Caguas Puerto Rico Miguel Cotto as of now.
Sport:To watch it would have to be boxing, to do Tae Kwon Do.
Food: Rice and beans with tostones baby.
Car:The Lancer Evolution baby
Movie: The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and anything with Martial Arts on it, and or comedy.
Singer: Luis Fonsi, and Cristian Castro, Castro is more legendary, but Fonsi sounds cool.
Female Singer: Hilary Duff, and Belinda.
Actor: Ray Park because he is an awesome Martial Artist or at least was in 2000 he sort of looked slow in Ballistic. Aaron Diaz, he is a great hispanic actor. Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, that pirates of the carribean movie was pretty funny too. Plus Bloom fell of a building a broke his back, (it's true) back in the day the doctors told him he wouldn't walk again and then he played the Elf, now that is HARDCORE.
Actress:Zhang Ziyi and then Jennifer Love Hewitt, she is funny and nice, she is like your next door girl, you know so down to earth.
Fave song: Many but  "Vivir" by Belinda pumps me up, too bad I lost that CD somewhere, I m gonna have to buy it again!!!
What Happened to the Biography?
I have been busy...ok I haven't been that busy, but someday ten years down the line maybe I'll take the time to write it. It's complicated stuff people, however now that the site has been update with the videos (it took foreva!) maybe I"ll feel inspired to write it, just like I wrote about my fave stuff, now people if you feel the need to contact me email me at, or my AIM which is sort of above...c'mon don't be shy! Either way people Byes until I update my Biography.






"The Rain After You" By Samuel Rivera

The sky in dark clouds cried,

I can still hear its tears,

Crash in absolute silence,

Filling pools of sorrow,

In the cold ageless asphalt,

I can still see your eyes,

As they told the story,

Of an eternal goodbye,

Pity my ignorance your soul had,

Had I known it was the end,

I would have tried to stop time,

With your eyes watching me,

As I struggled in vain,

To try to halt the eternal train,

To derail time from its course,

I really would have tried,

But as always,

Time cruelly moved on

After the rain,

The land dried,

The sky cleared,

After the night,

The sun shined the next day,

But after you,

There is nothing,

But the silence,

Of my soul in pain,

As I'm still breathing,

In the memory of your eyes in the rain.