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Okay first let me say that I am majorly out of fighting shape I just came back (5-6 WEEKS AGO) to Tae Kwon Do after a year and three months off. That being said I just found out yesterday about this tournament, and thus training began today at 6:30AM.
It was tough people very tough, but I ran for about 25 minutes, then went home took a light break fast and did 200 push ups and 300 crunches, by that time I weight my self and I had incredibly lost about 5 pounds from 154 to 149, the problem was after lunch I was again 151 pounds, two years ago when I went to Camp Hill and I felt close to my physical peak I was at a solid 149, before I sleep Ill do 100 more push ups and crunches. Even if I lose the tournament (which I won't!!!) thanks to all the push ups I will look like Aaron Diaz by the time the 30th comes by lol. Today was over all a terrible day as I left my keys locked inside my car in gymnastics lol